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À La Carte's Got Talent

The final round of the À La Carte's Got Talent contest has just happened on 27th Sep. 2019 with many great performances from talented talents.

Congratulations on the excellent performances in this contest:

  • First Prize: Duong Phu Nhat - Security Security with the repertoire "Colorful pictures"
  • Second Prize: Ho Thi Kim Thanh - BP Accountant with singing "Stronger"
  • Third Prize: Hoang Thi Quyen & Ho Thi Ni - BP Lobby with Mashup performance "Anh and Love in the sunshine"
  • Impressive Prize: Phan Thi Diem Huong & Nguyen Do Hoang Yen - BP Cuisine with the dance performance "Lotus Designs"

Through the competition, the hidden talents of À La Carte were shined and revealed. Sincerely thanks to the Organizing Committee for creating a very meaningful and professional playground for all employees to show their talents. The contest also seeks talent for TASECO's Got Talent, which aims to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the Group's founding.

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